This is a place that has been both claimed and left native. At times thriving as fertile farmland, in others enveloped by brambly wildness. The story of Abbott Claim is one of discovery, of the ebb and flow of time, and ultimately of reclamation and renewal.

A New Yorker named John F. Abbott went west to Oregon one hundred and seventy years ago to settle on this hillside ridge in Oregon. Cultivated to many crops throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the land was eventually abandoned before it was brought back to life.

Today, we are in the midst of a revival, nurturing and regenerating the ancient sedimentary soils with fervent devotion to not only the vineyard but the entire ecosystem. We enrich the biodiversity and nourish the soils. In turn, the land provides us with grapes and wine to share with friends near and far. We are its witnesses and what we share reflects its story.

We are cultivating a relationship. One of reciprocity between land and man, where an enduring commitment and obsession is rewarded in time. With patient observation, endless curiosity and attentive stewardship, the connection deepens.


“We are curious and passionate, open-minded and determined, driven by the pursuit and the potential of this site. It is our shared belief that this storied land is capable of providing wine of the highest quality and greatest expression.”