Abbott Claim Vineyard is defined by the Savannah Ridge, a protected ridge line that sits on ancient, fractured, well-draining oceanic sandstone — some of the oldest soils in the Willamette Valley. Just a small portion of the 170 acres is planted with vines, leaving the rest to polyculture and natural habitat. The broad hillsides are protected by the Dundee Hills to the east, the Chehalem Mountains to the north, and the Coast Range to the west, creating a unique rain shadow pushing cooler, wetter weather north.

Pinot noir and Chardonnay planted here interact with the native oak savannah, the cooling pine forests, the bramble and wild sour cherries. The vines internalize this diverse terroir over time, gathering subtle, yet intricate imprints in each year’s crop. These influences and confluences provide a depth of concentration, vibrancy and complexity for fresh, long-lived wines.

Abbott Claim Vineyard

Location: Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Soils: Shallow, fractured oceanic sandstone, primarily of the Wellsdale and Willakenzie series.

Elevation: 330 to 480 feet above sea level

Aspect: A broad slope of South, Southeast and Southwest exposures.

Acres Planted: 49.1 acres

Dates Planted

2001-2002: First Pinot Noir vines planted at the highest elevations.  

2003-2005: Additional Pinot Noir planted on the western exposure. 

2006-2007: Pinot Noir planted in the southernmost section of the property.

2019: A complex mix of Chardonnay cuttings were introduced on the western slopes.