Our winemaking is a natural continuation of our farming, as they are intrinsically linked.  Just as we’ve shepherded vines throughout seasons, our task remains one of quiet observation, of understanding what is in front of us. We do not use our hands to mold the raw material to our liking, but rather to help preserve its natural shape. When those hands become stained, crevassed and cut, it is not because we’ve conceived a wine to our image, but because we’ve carefully watched over a process well beyond our influence, one guided by nature.

We impart only the most delicate touch in the cellar, with native yeasts and gentle extractions encouraging the grapes into fermentation in oak, concrete and stainless steel vessels. The wines are raised on their lees in a mix of used and new French oak barrels. Our holistic farming philosophy guides us in the pursuit of a seamless, transparent and singular expression of terroir.


“If we believe in our terroir and can provide the vines with as much of a rich, complex and balanced environment in which to thrive, the work in the winery is to simply further this process with transparency: healthy natural acidity, strictly native fermentations, delicate extractions, slow sur-lie aging in a cold, damp cellar until bottling, ideally without fining or filtration, while paying attention to the lunar and tidal calendars for the most critical aspects of the work.”



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